•  Toyotamahime Shrine

  • Toyotamahime Shrine is located in the center of the onsen town. It has been widely worshipped by the Japanese since ancient times for its gods of the ocean and water. The Toyotamahime (Princess Toyotama) enshrined here is a famous daughter of the god of the sea, and a princess at Ryugu-jo, the god's undersea palace. Because she was beautiful, with very white skin, she has also attracted widespread popularity as a goddess of beautiful skin. On the shrine grounds there is a "Catfish Shrine" dedicated to the catfish servant of Princess Toyotama. People say that visiting this shrine will make your skin beautiful.

  •  Siebold's Footbath

  • There is a free footbath you can use anytime in Yuyu Plaza on the main street of the onsen town. Feel free to use it whenever you like. The spa is effective for boosting circulation and relieving stiff shoulders and other ailments.

  •  Arita and Imari: Towns famous for pottery

  • At the beginning of the 17th century, Yi Sam-pyeong discovered kaolin, the raw material of porcelain, on Mt. Izumiyama in Arita, and fired Japan's first porcelain. After that, Imari porcelain was exported to Europe from Dejima in Nagasaki, and it enthralled European royalty and nobility. At the "Arita Ceramics Wholesalers Plaza" you can purchase works from 25 shops, ranging from tableware for daily use and gift items, to commercial tableware and high-grade works of ceramic art.

  •  Huis Ten Bosch

  • This resort with accommodations recreates the townscapes of medieval Europe. It is filled with beautiful flowers throughout the year, and replete with luxury hotels, restaurants and marine leisure attractions.


  •  Yutoku Inari Shrine
  • This is one of the three great Inari shrines of Japan. People pray to the shrine for all sorts of things―including prosperity in business, family well-being, a good fish catch and safe travel―and the shrine is visited by 3 million people each year.

    The majestic view of the lacquered and richly colored structures of the main hall, hall for shinto music and dance and sakura gate has earned the shrine the title of "Nikko in Kyushu".