• The reason why Ureshino Onsen Town is known as a spa town for beautiful skin

  • Japan's three great spa towns for beautiful skin.

    Satoshi Fujita, a renowned expert on Japanese hot springs, selected Ureshino Onsen Town in Saga Prefecture as one of Japan's three great spa towns for beautiful skin − together with the Hinokami in Shimane Prefecture and the Kitsuregawa in Tochigi Prefecture. The luscious silky waters of the Ureshino hot springs come from a sodium bicarbonate spring rich in sodium. They emulsify and wash away skin oils and secretions, so when you get out, you are left with satin smooth skin − almost as if you’ve shed a layer!

  •  Characteristics and benefits of the Ureshino hot springs

  • The "Hizen Fudoki" (written in 713) relates that "there is a hot spring in the East which is effective in curing people's illnesses," and during the Edo Period, Ureshino Onsen Town flourished as a post station on the Nagasaki Kaido Road. The luscious silky spring waters come from a sodium bicarbonate spring rich in sodium. They soften hardened skin and bring back moisture. Also, if you drink the spring waters, they are effective for invigorating the function of your digestive system, liver and other organs. The hot springs at Ureshino can make you beautiful inside and out!

    Spring type: Sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride type, colorless transparent water with a luscious silky consistency.
    Temperature: 85-95°C. The spring has a high temperature so the water is rich in all the constituents of the earth.
    Hydrogen ion concentration: Mildly alkaline (pH 7.5-8.5). The perfect conditions for beautiful skin and molten yudofu (boiled tofu).
    Sodium content: 400-500mg per 1kg sample. This is the key ingredient of our molten yudofu.

    Benefits: The spa baths are beneficial for rheumatism, neuralgia, skin diseases, feminine ailments, anemia, cuts, breathing problems etc.